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Say you see a really rockin’ garden, lawn gnome and all. You see all the beautiful plants, and decide you want a garden like that in your backyard. So, you ask the green thumb who lives there what all the plants are called, and then you rush to the store to buy the seeds. You go home, find…

Our May edition of Changed Lives!

Our May edition of Changed Lives!

Our April edition of Changed Lives!

Our April edition of Changed Lives!

Changed: Luke (Fresh Start)

Sometimes as a campus missionary, you get the exciting opportunity to see a student completely change…like night and day!

That’s the sort of change I’ve seen occur in Luke.

(Luke and his girlfriend Hannah)

See, when I was a student, Luke was a part of the small group I led in the basement of a UWO dorm. Luke had an idea of his faith in Christ, but also had many different struggles. I remember talking many different issues through with Luke, always believing he would see how gifted he was and to realize God had huge dreams for his life.

Well, recently I had the delight of hearing Luke share with me how God has been opening up some doors for him to use the gifts he has been blessed with.He was invited to speak at the 100-year Anniversary of Fox Valley Technical College, one of the schools within our area of influence as a ministry. Luke was able to share about his faith, and what FVTC has meant to him. After his speech, many CEO’s of area corporations who support FVTC came and shook Luke’s hand. “It was crazy!” he told me, “All these big-wigs coming up to shake my hand!”

But what led up to this event is even more exciting. Over the past few months, Luke has had a renewed desire to seek God, pray, read his Bible, gain wisdom, make Godly decisions and be in community with other believers in a real way. I truly believe it is because Luke has been seeking God in earnest that the Lord has opened up doors for him to use his incredible gifts of communication. The Lord is truly doing a new thing in Luke’s life!

As Luke put it, “I feel like this is a whole fresh start…like God is turning over a new leaf in my life.”

Pray that God continues to give our students ‘fresh starts’ as they explore the call of God on their life!

(To see a great shot of Luke in action, go to:!/FoxValleyTech/status/185728646059794434)

The March 2012 Changed Lives Newsletter!

The March 2012 Changed Lives Newsletter!

first post

i am excited to start a new blog specifically devoted to the changed lives of the students in converge!

i hope you like it!

yours for the university,